Why is Roof Ventilation so Important?

roof ventilation

Poor roof ventilation can cause problem in the summer and the winter.

Roof ventilation is a vital part of your roofing system, and it’s very important to keep attics cool in the summer and dry in the winter. Why, you ask? A poorly ventilated attic can cause cut the life expectancy of your roof in half and cause damage inside your house. Here are the two main issues with an inadequately ventilated roof.

Summer Heat

An attic that isn’t properly vented can lead to the early deterioration or distortion of roof shingles as the summer sun raises the temperature of the air trapped in the attic. Once moisture is introduced, the hot, wet air can quickly damage your roof from the inside. An attic that stores up hot air can wreak havoc on cooling costs, too.

Winter Water

The warm air that heats your home during the winter months is usually pretty moist, so when it rises to the attic and meets the cold air there it condenses. The moisture can cause the roof to swell, making the shingles buckle and become wavy. It can also contribute to wood rot, since it sits on the wood and has no way of escaping the attic. The most dangerous thing that can happen to a poorly vented roof in the winter is the formation of ice dams. These form when the hot air inside the attic and the sun cause snow to melt. The low winter temperatures cause the snow to freeze again when it reaches your gutters. The constant freezing and thawing can cause water to get under shingles and seep through the roof, since there is technically just a pool of water sitting on your roof for an extended period of time.

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