Do You Have a Leaky Roof? Here are 5 Signs to Watch Out For

Leaky Roof

A leaky roof can cause significant damage to your home. Here are five signs to check out this summer.

Summer storms have been hitting Maryland over the last few weeks. Now is one of the best times to check your home to see if you are suffering from a leaky roof. While leaks come in various sizes and severities, all of them can damage your home and lead to bigger problems in the future if left unchecked. Some signs of a leaky roof are less visible than others, though, so let’s examine five of the most common that you should be watching for.

1. Drips

A drip is one of the most easily recognized signs of a leaky roof. If you notice intermittent moisture stains on your walls after a hard summer storm, this indicates a problem that you should have checked out immediately. Chronic problems with moisture can lead to serious problems and permanent damage to your home.

2. Stains

We don’t spend too much time observing the ceiling of our homes, but this is another great place to check for damage and signs of a leaky roof. A water stain has the appearance of a large puddle on your ceiling, usually ringed with a brown discoloration. Some of these stains are relatively obvious to the untrained eye. Others may be small or take form in a dark corner of your ceiling, which may be harder to detect. If you suspect a leak, it may be worth examining your ceiling carefully after a storm for stains.

3. Spots on the Exterior Walls

Another place to check is your home exterior under the roof line. If you notice spots there, there may be an issue where the walls meet the roof, indicating damaged flashing. Often, this kind of harm is more apparent during the winter when snow accumulates on your roof.

4. Growth of Mold and Mildew

Mossy exterior walls may certainly be the effect of a part of your home which is more shaded than other regions, but they can also point to a problem with your gutter system or downspouts. These are critical components of a functional roofing system as they direct flowing water away from your roof towards the ground. If there is a leak in this part of the system, it can put pressure on the main roofing and can lead to the more prominent interior signs of a leaky roof.

5. Missing Shingles/Debris in the Downspouts

Patchy roofs that are missing some shingles are more prone to leaking over time. In fact, you may not even realize that the roof is leaking until the damage is more severe. Debris in your downspouts can also indicate that the shingles are in disrepair. Call in a professional to thoroughly examine your roof and have repairs or a replacement completed as recommended.

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