Is Upgrading to Slate Roofing Worth It?

Slate roofing may be a tempting upgrade, but it’s no secret that it is one of the more expensive roofing choices on the market. So is it really worth the upgrade? We have four reasons why slate roofing is absolutely worth the investment, and among the best roofing options available. 

Beautiful Aesthetic

One of the most compelling reasons to upgrade to slate roofing is the reason that jumps out at you right away: beautiful aesthetics. Regardless of the style of a home, a slate roof is sure to boost its external appearance. Slate roofs will maintain that appearance for years to come, and you can expect a great return when the time comes to sell your home down the road.


It is hard, if not impossible, to beat the durability of a slate roof. With only minimal care, a slate roof can easily last over 100 years. You can expect a slate roof to last a maximum of 175 years.  On the other hand, an asphalt roof will rarely last longer than 30. As you might expect, slate roofs often pay for themselves in the long run due to their durability.

Environmentally Friendly

Asphalt roofing needs to be replaced roughly every two or three decades. After they are torn down for replacement, they usually end up in the nearest landfill. Year after year, roofing construction creates a surprisingly high amount of waste, but that waste is greatly reduced when replacement is needed around 100 years after.

Great Weather Resistance

Whether it is cold, wet or windy outside, slate roofs withstand the elements with ease. Compared to other roofing alternatives, slate roofs hold up very well in the long term against freezing and thawing. On the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, slate roofing is also more fire-resistant than roofing options of lower cost.

Upgrade to Slate Roofing with Schaefer Exteriors

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