The Importance of Keeping Snow off Your Roof

keeping snow off your roof

Heavy, wet snow sitting on your roof for a long time can cause a whole host of troubles.

Well, lights are hanging on homes all across the neighborhood and there are decorated trees in living rooms. The only sign of the holiday season we haven’t seen yet is arguably the most problematic; snow. Once it does start coming down and winter has officially arrived you might want to think about how your roof is going to handle all that wet and heavy snow. If left alone, snow can cause some serious problems for homeowners. Here are some of the dangers snow poses to your roof, and how to prevent damage from happening.

The Dangers

After a few freeze-thaw cycles, that snow on your roof can turn into damaging ice dams. An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms on the edge of your roof after snow has melted and then froze again. Ice dams prevent water from draining off of your roof. That water can eventually get beneath your shingles and leak into your roof, damaging ceilings, insulation and walls. Snow is heavy, too. All of that extra weight can put stress on your roof and supports.

The Damage

An ice dam can do more than just leak water into your home. As the ice melts and the water refreezes and expands, any water under your shingles will push them up and possibly damage the system. The real danger comes from an ice dam that becomes detached and falls from a roof. The large pieces of ice can tear shingles and gutters as it falls, and will most definitely damage anything in the landing zone.

Let Schaefer Siding and Exteriors Replace Your Damaged Roof

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