Got a Leak? Act Fast to Repair or Replace Your Roof

After all the rain we’ve had recently, the last thing you want to see on your ceiling is sign(s) of a leak.  Unfortunately, by the time it’s visible from the interior, it’s likely been present for a while.  Don’t waste any time!  Start by containing the damage and then let the professionals handle the rest.

When You First Spot the Leak…

It’s time to go into damage control mode.  Try to locate the source of the leak and start from there.  Clean up the water as best you can and move any objects that could possibly be damaged far away from the moisture.  Furniture, paper records, and electronics are especially vulnerable in this situation. You might also want to put down plastic to minimize further water damage until a professional is able to come out and repair the leak.  If it’s a steady drip, placing a bucket underneath the to catch the runoff is a good idea.  Just make sure the splash doesn’t damage your floor.  In some cases where the flow is too strong, call for emergency assistance!

Let the Professionals Do Their Part

When it comes to fixing a leak quickly and efficiently, this is a job for an experienced professional. Although you’re pressed for time, you should still search for a reputable contractor to complete the work. At Schaefer Siding & Exteriors, we’re happy to inspect the damage, advise you on the best possible solution, and give you a fair quote.  You can trust that we’ll give you our honest opinion—whether that’s a simple repair or a full replacement.  You may also need to call your insurance agent to start the claims process, as well as a water extraction company (depending on how bad the damage is).

Let the Drying Begin

After your leak has been fixed, it’s time to address any lingering issues inside.  Anything that was touched by water should be completely dried out.  Woodwork, furniture, books—they all need to be air dried.  Carpets (and carpet padding) may need to be removed or professionally cleaned following this ordeal, depending on how wet they got. In reality, you want to take every precaution to prevent water from sitting and allowing mold to form.  In most cases, just exposing your possessions to properly circulating air should do the trick—especially after a quick towel dry.  With more extensive damage, you may want to call in professional help.  Whether it’s a water extraction company or a mold remediation firm, you can remove most signs of the leak from your home.


Nobody wants to find a roof leak in their house, but if you act quickly, you can prevent a bad surprise from becoming worse.  A new roof may not be the ideal solution, but a professional repair and thoroughly cleaning should make a big difference.  Allow our crews to assist you through this situation and give you a reliable roof you can count on for many years to come.  Don’t hesitate to call us for an inspection when you notice a leak!

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