Why is Fall the Best Time for a Roof Replacement?

Fall Roof Replacement

Fall is a good time to get a roof replacement, so if you’ve been putting off now is a good time to start planning!

We may still be in the dog days of summer, but fall is just on the horizon. It’s a great time for many homeowners to start looking various maintenance and repair tasks that need to be completed before the coming of the winter. Does the thought of another winter with your leaky roof bring you a sense of dread? It’s a good idea to start thinking about replacing your roof, particularly since the fall season is the best time to do it! Here are some reasons why fall is the best time of the year to perform a roof replacement.

The Technical Side

A roof replacement project is comprised of several aspects, some of which require specific environmental conditions to yield the best results. When a roofing contractor installs new shingles on the roof, for example, they require some time to create a sealed, airtight barrier between the inside and the outside. The shingles protect your interior from harsh weather, so this step is critical to the overall successful installation of the roof. By having a roof replacement project done in the fall, the shingles get plenty of time to create this seal before the winter’s first snowfall.

The Human Side

Roofing contractors do their best work during the fall season. The weather isn’t hot and oppressive like it is during the summer, so the roofing professional is able to complete a lot of work on your roof without the risk of heat exhaustion. This allows them to complete the job more efficiently, installing the materials under optimal conditions.

Peace of Mind

Best of all, a roof replacement can ease your mind as the winter approaches. Small leaks and other problems can often lead to more serious structural problems during the winter. This risk is especially pronounced in our area, where major snowstorms can and do occur. The added weight of a major snowfall can lead to a world of trouble for homeowners with roofs in less than stellar shape.

If you think your roof may need to be replaced soon, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact Schaefer Siding and Exteriors to have one of our roofing professionals assess your situation.

Let Schaefer Siding and Exteriors Handle Your Roof Replacement Project This Fall!

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