Copper Roofs: What’re the Advantages?

copper roofs

Copper roofs really give your building a unique and memorable look.

Copper roofs are one of the more expensive options out there, but the advantages in efficiency, strength, and the natural beauty of copper more than make up for it. Just like other metal roofs, copper roofs can be installed quickly and will last a lifetime. Here are a few reasons you should consider having a copper roof installed at your home.


Copper, like other types of metal roofs, are the original energy efficient roof. Instead of absorbing heat the way asphalt and wood roofs do, copper roofs reflect the light away from your home. This keeps the temperatures down, and as a result keeps your cooling costs down.

It Lasts

Also like other types of metal roofs, copper can last up to 50 years or more with the right maintenance and repairs. It’s important to consider your yard and how many trees you have close to your home, as falling branches are the biggest threat to a copper roof.

Weather Resistant

Metal roofs get a bad rap for being loud when a storm hits. While it’s true they aren’t as quite as roofs made from softer materials like asphalt or wood, copper roofs hold up to the elements better than any other roof. Rain and snow naturally slide right off, and the roof stands up to hail better than other materials. The natural resistance to fire helps make copper roofs safer, too.


Copper roofs are truly unique. They are not very common, so your roof would definitely stand out, and the natural color and finish of copper gives you plenty of color and design options for your house’s siding and gutters.

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