Benefits of Enviroslate Over Natural Slate


Natural slate makes a great roof, but it’s heavy and the shingles are notorious for breaking during installation.

Slate is a beautiful roofing material. The natural look adds instants colonial charm to your home and slate is known to last, but may require some extra work to your house in order to support the heavy stone. If you are looking for a natural roofing material but aren’t interested in the level of maintenance usually required, than Enviroslate might be the right option for you. Just like any other material it has its pros and cons, but when compared to natural slate there are some big upsides. Let’s take a look at the benefits of Enviroslate over natural slate.

Natural Slate:

  • Advantages: Slate roofing comes in tiles that can vary in thickness and color based on the homeowner’s preference. Like other specialty materials, most people choose to have a slate roof installed because of its classical beauty. But this type of roof is also fire resistant and environmentally friendly. Since the roof is made from a naturally fire proof material it is able to help protect your home from fires started by sparks from wildfires or nearby house fires landing on your roof.
  • Disadvantages: Slate is known for its relatively fragility and weight. Your home will need to be evaluated to make sure the structure is strong enough to support the heavier style of roof, and additional supports may be required. Replacing tiles isn’t simple, so any time work needs to be done from your roof you’ll need to make sure the workers understand the danger of breaking tiles. If tiles do break, finding a match can be difficult since slate tiles are cut from blocks of natural stone.



  • Advantages: Enviroslate is made from a composite blend that is 95% reclaimed materials and is much stronger than natural slate. Where natural slate will need almost constant repairs, Enviroslate is not going to crack, break, chip or warp. This means you will not need to replace tiles like you would with natural slate. One of the biggest disadvantages to natural slate is its weight-to-strength ratio makes for a difficult installation. Enviroslate weighs about a third of what slate does, and since it’s stronger there’s less of a chance for breaks during installation. The reduction in weight means you won’t have to worry about reinforcing your roof like is usually necessary with natural slate.
  • Disadvantages: If you live in a registered historical building, there may be some strict guidelines as to the materials you can use on your home. While it’s unlikely that Enviroslate would not be allowed, check with your historical society before building.


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