Why Attic Ventilation is Such a Critical Part of Your Home

Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is very important for the health of your roof.

A home is comprised of many different parts, each of which needs to function well in order to preserve the health of the whole. When there’s a problem in one of the parts, it can affect the whole home by leading to problems in other parts. For example, if your siding or windows aren’t doing a great job of insulation, they can cause your HVAC system to work overtime during the winter and summer seasons, shortening its lifespan. One problem which doesn’t get too much attention (until it’s too late) is attic ventilation. When an attic isn’t ventilated properly, it can lead to significant roofing problems and reduce your overall quality of life in your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to attic ventilation.

Causes and Effects of Poor Attic Ventilation

The reasons why a given attic is poorly ventilated clearly stem from issues in the areas around the roof. Some of these reasons could be the result of poor initial installation. For example, when a contractor installs aluminum or vinyl eaves over plywood soffits, yet fails to drill any venting holes, that can lead to poor ventilation. All kitchen and bathroom fans also need to vent through the roof and not through the attic. And insulation between the rafters needs to allow air to travel throughout the attic, not stay trapped there.

The effects of poor attic ventilation are numerous. It can accelerate the development of rot and mildew on your roof, shortening its lifespan. During the winter, you’ll notice ice dams forming on the roof exterior. And during the summer, your air conditioner will be working much harder to keep your home cool with hot air trapped in your attic, raising your utility bills.

How to Fix Poor Attic Ventilation

If you suspect your attic isn’t ventilating properly, give the professionals at Schaefer Siding & Exteriors a call. There are easy ways to fix the problem by adding vents which will allow air to flow freely out of your attic again. We can add soffit vents to promote airflow and ridge vents to distribute that airflow evenly. On hip and pyramid roofs, rectangular vents are a great choice. And, for uniquely-shaped roofs, vents can be custom-designed and implemented.

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