Replacement Windows


Concerned about energy costs? Old, damaged windows can drive up energy bills. As the temperature in your home fluctuates, your heating and air conditioning unit works harder, and costs you money. Worn out windows also allow moisture to enter into the walls of your house. Over time, walls and floors can become extremely weak, and mold and fungus can sprout in areas that are not immediately noticeable.

The staff at Schaefer Exteriors has years of experience in the vinyl replacement window business. We will meet with you and recommend vinyl replacement window solutions that improve your home’s energy efficiency. Concerned about vinyl window replacement cost? Schaefer Exteriors carries replacement vinyl windows that work great without breaking your budget.

Simonton Windows is a brand that Schaefer Exteriors recommend to many of our customers. We are impressed with the quality of craftsmanship and the attention to detail that goes into the manufacturing of these windows. The durability of Simonton Windows is matched by their appearance.

Schaefer Exteriors carry windows that are designed to help homes become energy efficient. The eco friendly building materials we offer reduce the amount of energy needed to cool and heat a home Simonton Windows are designed to use multiple panes of glass that minimize heat transfer, because the space between these panes is filled with nontoxic gases that add to the unit’s energy efficiency.