The Benefits of Natural Stone

As one of the earliest and sturdiest building blocks, stone has a timeless finish that upgrades virtually any home.  While many people choose to use this material to add luxury inside specific rooms, like the bathroom and/or kitchen, its versatility will work anywhere!  This includes your exterior, thanks to new stone veneer options.  If you’re still not sold on the benefits of this option, then keep reading.


1. It works with all styles!


Is your home more mid-century modern or colonial?  Fortunately, it doesn’t matter.  You can incorporate stone finishes into a wide variety of architectural styles to suit your home.  If you want to completely reface your house with this material for a more rustic or chalet feel, then you can.  If you’d prefer to only use it along the bottom to offset an otherwise plain façade, well you can do that too!  Just check out our gallery for some inspiration and let us customize a finish for you.


2. It’s durable!


If you think about it, stone was literally made to withstand the test of time.  Even our stone veneer, which incorporates additional ingredients, retains this primary benefit.  Not only will it hold up again water damage, but also, it’ll act as a fire-resistant barrier between you and the outside world.  You won’t even have to worry about many common maintenance tasks like painting or staining after your initial investment.


3. It provides a natural insulation!


Since stone tends to be heavier than many of its exterior counterparts, it naturally has a higher thermal mass.  This is the factor that insulates your home against many of the daily temperature fluctuations that are happening outside.  It works to absorb heat during colder times and releases thermal energy when it’s too warm. So, by adding stone veneer, you can improve your energy efficiency this year—and for many years to come.


4. It adds a touch of luxury!


No matter where in the market you currently fall, little luxury finishes tend to improve your resale value.  Apart from increasing your curb appeal (considerably), you’re also differentiating your property from other comparable listings.  As the real estate market grows increasingly competitive for sellers, that’ll become a key factor.  Plus, putting money back into your home shows potential buyers that it was well-cared for and valued.  So, as you get to enjoy your new stone veneer in the foreseeable future, you’re also positioning yourself well for whatever may come in the future!


If you’re considering revamping your exterior, be sure to consult our team to explore your stone veneer options.  They’ll visit your home, make suggestions based on your style and personal preferences, then deliver an easy-to-understand quote for installation. We’ll be available to answer your questions every step of the way.  After we’re finished, you’ll get to enjoy the many benefits of stone for years to come!


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