Fresh Fall Decorations for Your Front Porch

Now that it’s officially fall, it’s time to break out the decorations!  If you want to do something above and beyond your traditional pumpkin display this year, we’ve got some fresh ideas for you.  Today, we’ll focus on your home’s natural focal point:  the front porch.  But feel free to expand these tips throughout the house!


Living Decorations


In many ways, fall is one of the lushest seasons!  At this point, we’re still surrounded by greenery, thanks to autumn leaves, produce, flowers, and more.  Bring this to your decorating with climbing vines (in varying colors), fall mums, and, of course, some gourds—just don’t go crazy.  Rustic pieces can really tie everything together.  Instead of going for the typical hay bales, choose wooden crates to prop up your pieces.  Some vintage lanterns and an oversized chalkboard for you to create hand-written messages throughout the season will truly complete this look.  Plus, you can even use some of these pieces again once fall’s over!


Play with Colors


Yes, we all know that orange screams “Autumn!” but there are plenty of other colors to choose from, too!  What about deep, cool greens? Or mustard yellow?  Or cobalt blue?  Add pops of these colors around your house to create the full fall rainbow alongside orange. Or, you can even downplay the traditional expectations by painting your pumpkins in these colors, or glittery gold, silver, and copper, so you’ve got more dimension on your front porch. Picture outdoor wicker furniture in a bold yellow tone with plush throws in more subdued shades like mahogany, burgundy, and navy.  Now add an adorable pumpkin or two with your house number painted on (rather than the traditional jack-o’-lantern grin) and voilà! You’ve got a modern take on fall.


Polka Dots Galore


This is great way to use all of the familiar Halloween colors without being cliché!  Mod patterns are very in now, including such color combinations as orange and white, or the classic black and white. Contrast these pieces on an otherwise neutral background and you’ll get your point across!  Whether it’s with fun throw pillows, outdoor rugs, or DIY signs, you can easily achieve this look.  Plus, if you add some items with a similar polka dotted pattern inside, you’ll carry this design throughout the house year-round.  You can even mix up your color choices on both your interior and exterior design as the seasons change.



Hopefully, you found something here to try in your own home!  Obviously there are thousands of ways to prepare your place for fall—on the front porch alone.  But, we tried to introduce some different ideas that have versatility to them.  That way, you won’t have to pack all of your decorations up once it’s time to set up for the next holidays!  If you need more help with your home exterior this season, please don’t hesitate to give Schaefer Exteriors a call.


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