Best Snow Day Activities

Everyone loves a good snow day—right?  Sometimes, you just need new ideas for activities that keep the entire household entertained.  (Especially when one snow day turns into two, or three, or more.)  Since we specialize in areas outside the home, it’s only right we dedicate today’s blog to this wintery topic!  Hopefully, you get inspiration from ideas like:

Snow Day Industry

Of course, there are the traditional options of snowball fights, building snow forts, and plopping down into the perfect snow angel.  But when your kids are older and more industrious, why not capitalize on this in the name of snow removal?  Shoveling snow will help everyone expel some of that pent-up energy.  Once your sidewalks and driveway are clear, they can even expand into the neighborhood.  Encourage them to offer their snow removal services as volunteer opportunity or for a nominal fee—depending on the situation.  Not only will it help to while away several hours of your snow day, but also it provides a built-in lesson on industry basics, like supply and demand.

Add a Little Color

There a plenty of arts and crafts activities to go around, but how many of them involve snow?  Here’s a new one for you to try:  Throw some food coloring into squeezable bottles or (better yet) squirt guns and send everyone outside!  They can write their names, play tic tac toe, or create their next masterpiece.  All without worrying about mess.  When it’s time to move indoors, just pile snow on a top of a piece of paper and then add a few more drops of food coloring.  Once it melts, you’ll have an art piece you can enjoy long after winter’s over!  For more inspiration, check out Make and Takes’ website.

A Lesson in Home Maintenance

It’s never too early to start teaching your kids about home maintenance!  As you’re going around, checking your exterior and clearing snow/ice away from more vulnerable parts, encourage them to tag along!  You can explain what you’re looking for on the roof, in the gutters, around vents, etc. and why.  For younger kids, they’ll probably just enjoy getting to spend time and scramble around in the snow.  As they get older, though, it becomes an important lesson for later independence. Whether they’re caring for their own homes or simply looking after yours, they’ll need to know how to do these tasks on their own someday.  If you turn it into a bonding experience, it’s a great way to pass the time on a snow day!  Plus, then you’ll have a free helper.

Whether or not you actually get to use these tips this winter, we hope you keep them for the future! We never really know what the weather will bring in the Mid-Atlantic, but it never hurts to be prepared.  If there’s anything else we can do to help you this season, just contact Schaefer Siding & Exteriors.

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