Five Fun Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden

If you’ve got a green thumb or are just trying to put a little more color in the world, your garden is probably your pride and joy. Flower and vegetable beds can be the most appealing part of a home’s lawn, and we all want our property to look the best it can. With that in mind, here are five fun ways to spruce up your garden (no green thumb required!).

Garden Benches

Install a place to put your feet up and enjoy the fruits of your labor (literally!). Benches can be built into existing fences and other structures and can even be pieces of art themselves. Wrought iron metalwork is a beautiful touch to any garden space, though even the simplest place to rest your feet can be a lovely touch. If you settle on a wooden bench, consider hand-painting it with members of your family. If you happen to have children or grandkids, this is a great arts and crafts opportunity you’ll all cherish for a long time.

Arches and Trellises

If you’ve got a knack for growing things, arches and trellises may be the extra feature for you. Some plants need a supporting structure to climb anyway, and taking advantage of the more viney sorts of flora often creates a beautiful effect. Climbing roses woven through a trellis are a romantic cliche for a reason!


Whether you do your shopping through Better Homes and Gardens or good old Walmart, there are tons of garden accessories available to fit any budget. Outdoor lighting options are a particularly attractive– and useful– option. Think hanging lanterns and string lights for those warm summer evenings. “Fairy houses,” bird feeders, and DIY customized stone pavers are also lovely features. Go ahead and go for broke with the garden gnomes, we won’t judge!

Stone Walkways

Got a patio or pool? Adding a stone walkway connecting these areas to your garden is a great choice. Even a standalone path through your rows and sections of blooms is a wonderful touch. Whether you’re going for a winding, wildflowers-and-heather vibe or a pristine, roses-and-hedges aesthetic, there’s a stone walkway design for you.

Butterfly Gardens

The North American Butterfly Association recommends nurturing two types of plants to attract and support our winged friends: nectar and caterpillar plants. For the former, look for brightly-colored blooms labeled “butterfly friendly.” For the latter, many gardeners plant milkweed for monarch caterpillars to feed on. Lastly, make sure your garden gets plenty of sun! With any luck, your garden will play host to plenty of beautiful butterflies this spring and summer– perhaps the most beautiful addition of all.

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