5 Reasons to Plant Trees On Your Property

Your home is more than four walls and a roof. It’s a gathering place, a proud investment, and somewhere entirely your own. From mailbox to rooftop, one of the joys of being a homeowner is shaping your property into the home you want. So when your siding is spotless, your shingles are new, and your gutters are clear, what’s next? Landscaping, of course! No property is complete without a setting to complement it, and that means your yard is up next on the home exterior renovation list. We adore flowers and vegetable gardens, but today we’re making the case for the gentle giants of the plant world– here are five reasons you should plant trees on your property!

Save the Earth

The Lorax had it right! Possibly the top reason all homeowners and business owners should consider planting more trees lies in the environmental benefits. Unlike humans, trees take in carbon dioxide and expel oxygen, sort of like nature’s way of recycling. Carbon emissions are a huge problem when it comes to tackling climate change, so the more trees, the better. Trees also serve as habitats and food sources for many common birds, animals, and even insects, all of whom are out of luck when humans chop down acres of forests for the wood. Every little step counts when it comes to helping the environment, so even if you plant just one tree in your lifetime, it’ll be worth it.


Trees beat a privacy fence any day– especially when you plant evergreens! With plenty of thick year-round foliage, evergreens provide the perfect natural screen between your home and neighboring lots. They’re also useful for blocking the road if you want more privacy in your front yard or wish to keep your kids a little further from speeding cars. Plus, they look lovely covered in snow!


Climbing trees is a time-honored pastime of young explorers, and it’s free to boot! Tall, strong trees with thick limbs provide endless opportunities for kids at play. Install a rope swing, hang a bird feeder, build a treehouse, or craft forts underneath the leaves for hours of outdoor fun. Centuries of play don’t lie– and maybe this’ll finally be the thing that gets your kids off their screens next summer!

Shade and Firewood

Shelter isn’t the only thing trees provide. Relax in the shade to escape the summer fun and, if you place them just right, enjoy a bit of a wind barrier on chilly days. Recreate childhood memories jumping in leaf piles in the fall, and use dead branches as kindling and firewood if you’ve got a fire pit.

Aesthetic Beauty

Last but certainly not least, plant trees around your home to add to its aesthetic beauty! From weeping willows to majestic maples, enjoy four seasons of brilliant landscapes. When your foliage explodes into a riot of color come autumn and when delicate buds begin to peek out with spring, your home will be more beautiful than ever.

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