4 Ways To Get Your Kids Outside This Spring

How much screen time is too much? Surprisingly little, actually. Today’s youngest generation is more interested in electronics than ever, but everyone needs to spend time outdoors– adults included. If you’re having a tough time convincing your kids to tear themselves away from their phones without a barrage of complaints, here are four great ways to get your kids outside this spring.

Visit a Park or Hiking Trail

Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to break the monotony of a long day. Go for a family hike or walk, short or long, at the nearest park, reservoir, or reserve! Want to add a little something extra to the experience? Try Geocaching! Visit https://www.geocaching.com/play to find geocaches near in your area. The app will point you towards a cache along a hiking trail or path and your job is to find it! Known as “the world’s largest treasure hunt,” geocaching allows hikers to use anything from tins to plastic Tupperware containers as makeshift treasure chests for marbles, erasers, bracelets, pencils, toys, and countless other knick knacks. Just make sure to sign the logbook and leave a little prize behind in place of whatever you take from the cache– and leave the cache itself in place for others to find!

Install a Rope Swing

They can’t say “there’s nothing to do outside” if there’s a swing! Find a healthy, sturdy tree on your property and follow these helpful suggestions to get started. This is an ideal project if you have a pile of scrap wood from a previous home improvement project or like to work with your hands. Make sure to thoroughly check your rope and tree branch to make sure everything is secure and shipshape before you start swinging!

Water Games

There are days when it’s simply too hot to comfortably remain outside, but never fear– that’s what sprinklers and garden hoses are for. Invest in some water balloons or squirt guns, turn Duck, Duck, Goose into a game of Drip, Drip, Drop, or make up your own activities to cool off and get your family exercising outdoors. And as a bonus, your grass will be very well-watered! It’s also a good excuse to give your car a wash for free…

Art Projects

Take indoor activities outside for fresh air or ease of cleanup and keep from worrying about the mess. From sidewalk chalk to anything involving paint, there are tons of crafts that are better suited for the backyard or driveway than the kitchen table! If you have a porch or a covered deck, that’s another place to go even when it’s raining or too hot to be out in the sun. Rain often brings cooler temperatures, and there’s nothing to stop you from jumping in muddles if you choose!

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