The Truth about French Doors

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your interior and exterior design with one key feature, why not install French doors?  In recent years, these entry points have grown increasingly popular.  In fact, it’s hard to find a home renovation that doesn’t incorporate them in some way!  Still, how much do you know about this architectural element?  Are they really even French?  We can help you learn more about French doors and even install them for you, when the time comes!

Yes, they are French.

Interior Of Modern Lounge With Open French Doors To Garden

Designed sometime in 17thcentury France, these doors were an instant hit amoung royalty. Not only did they incorporate additional lighting in a time before electricity (thanks to the glass panes), but also they were ideal for ventilation.  Having two doors that connect in the middle allowed homeowners and guests alike to capitalize on the natural breeze.  Remember, this point was the height of the Renaissance period, where symmetry and aesthetics were given utmost priority. (The double doors make more sense now, right?) Plus, glass was extremely expensive then.  So, French doors weren’t just a logical design choice. They were also a sign of wealth and prosperity!

Fast-forward to today.

Now, French doors are much more accessible than they were several centuries ago.  But they still have all the original benefits!  Often designers will incorporate them as a way to bring light into a dark space, or blur the lines between indoor/outdoor living.  Installing them at key intervals throughout your home can allow you to capitalize on existing cross breezes and become more energy efficient.  We especially like them leading up to exterior entertaining spaces like a deck, patio, or swimming pool.  They just create an effortless extension between the two areas that everyone can appreciate.

Upgrades, please.

Of course, we had to modernize classic French doors a little bit.  Just like everything else, you can customize this feature to fit your particular home!  If you don’t like the traditional doorknobs, some companies create a sliding door version. If you don’t like the classic square shape, you can add a more decorative top that matches your style. The options are virtually endless. You may just need to budget more for special requests and oversized versions.   Still, French doors are known to increase your home’s resale value—just think of it as an investment!  And don’t skimp on the installation.  In order to create an airtight seal that preserves your energy efficiency, have an experienced company handle this project.


At Schaefer Exteriors, we’d be more than happy to help you with this renovation.  We can show you different options for French doors, special order them on your behalf (if needed), and install as many as you’d like. See how this classic design feature can transform your home today!

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