Trendy Housing Styles To Dream About

We’ve all seen those pictures on social media and in housing magazines showing off homes so beautiful they can only belong in a movie– or to a movie star. While the rest of us may not have the millions to buy summer homes and mansions, it’s always fun to dream about the houses we’d build if we won the lottery or hit the big time. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a spark of inspiration on how to transform your home to match one of these trending styles.

Fairytale Cottage

So picturesque you’d half-expect to see singing forest animals gathering around, the fairytale cottage look is perfect for almost any natural setting. Anyone who dreams of a lush garden or rolling lawn will fall in love with the house that sits among it. You won’t find these near any condos or apartment complexes! Cottage-esque homes often feature gabled roofs, arched windows, and natural wood or stone siding. Landscaping is always a key factor, and we can’t help but imagine a tumbling stream out front with a footbridge and path to the door…okay, that might be a little too fairytale-perfect, but the woodland wonderland image is definitely one to strive for. Cozy, understated, and sweet, this dream house style is perfect for anyone who adores the outdoors and likes a bit of privacy.

Rustic Log Cabin

Fairytale cottages aren’t the only dream houses that belong in the woods! A rustic log cabin design is anything but simplistic. This type of home belongs high in the mountains nestled between evergreens and capped with snow. Characterized by a wooden or metal roof, picture windows, and beautiful wooden siding (cedar especially!), a rustic log cabin design is perfect for skiing getaways and cold-weather climates. A discreet balcony or two would be perfect for watching the sun rise over the peaks, and an outdoor fire pit wouldn’t be amiss either!

Magnificent Castle

There’s a reason stone veneer is so popular! While we aren’t talking about an actual castle, it’s always fun to see homes that take elements of a more medieval style and incorporate them into a beautiful modern home. Sweeping staircases, arched window accents, mixed and matched siding styles, and even a miniature tower to two make for a tasteful and trendy dream home. We’d imagine anyone who lives in a house like this can’t help but feel like royalty every time they enter the doors! Major bonus points if you manage to sneak a gorgeous stained glass panel or two somewhere into the design…

Modern Mansion

Last but not least, the most recent trend in the dream home hemisphere is a sleek, modern approach often found in studio apartments and city skyscrapers. The outer makeup of the house is geometric and almost boxy, largely doing away with conventional roofing and even siding. The exterior is all about explicit and implicit lines, smoothly drawing the eye from corner to corner while leaving plenty of room for indoor furnishings. Windows often forego shutters and even blinds in favor of modestly tinted glass and an uninterrupted exterior. Free of flourishes, modern mansions nonetheless achieve an elegant, chic style.

Want To Turn Your Home Into One of These Dream Houses?

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