Simple ways to freshen up your home’s interior

Over time a home can get cluttered and messy, and furniture can get chipped or worn. A full-on renovation is always best when aiming to change up a home, but there are some simple ways to change it up without breaking down walls or your bank account!


Often, all a home really needs is some reorganization and cleaning to start putting it into better shape. If your home is old and features worn out paint or wallpaper, it can be slightly more challenging but not overly so. A good way to freshen up and even modernize your home is to reduce noisy or cramped interiors is to start back with a mostly blank canvas.


Color-wheel reorganization

Starting with white walls, take the artwork or other wall décor down, and take a step back. It’s a modern trend, but for very good reason to pick 1 to 3 simple colors to apply in places to your décor and furniture. If you have a navy-blue couch, try picking some complimentary colored pillows or shelf décor to accent the room! While you’re at it, look through what you already have and see if anything fits the look!


Moving pictures


Once you’ve picked colors, there’s nothing stopping you from putting your family photos or artwork. But doing so in an organized fashion can make all the difference! Try different formats like an offset grid or shape. You can also apply word graphics or artwork directly to the wall surface to tie the picture together.


Make some space


If you find that an area is cramped or feeling a bit empty, both can have the same solution:

Try moving furniture around in different orientations! Using the same items you have to start (couch, side tables, bed, etc.) you can simply find different ways to set up and find that you’re happier with the look of the room! Suddenly the area feels twice the size despite having the same space and even fixtures in place.


Change lightbulbs


Sometimes light fixtures can cause a home to feel unsatisfactory. Lights may be dim, or too bright, or too blue causing things to look too cold and uninviting. Or perhaps a room feels cramped and small and features too much warm light making it feel further hot and stuffy. Changing out the bulbs in your central lights and lamps can make a world of difference in a room, and completely change the feel. Never underestimate the power of your light fixtures!