New Construction or No?

If you’re in the market for a new home right now in the Mid-Atlantic region, you’ve got tough competition. Inventory is low, so you could find yourself paying a lot more for the right property or settling for something less than ideal.  One option all potential buyers have when it comes to real estate is new construction! When you can’t find your dream home already on the market, why not build it?  As you consider this option, be sure to weigh these pros and cons.




This is one of the primary reasons people choose to build.  It takes move-in ready to a new level!  If you want hardwood floors, you can get hardwood floors.  If you want a bay window, add a bay window!  You just have to be prepared to pay for these upgrades and the convenience of the builder handling every detail on your behalf. Keep in mind that your options aren’t completely limitless.  You still have to work within the original plans drafted by the builders’ architects, so adding a sunroom or moving a fireplace might not be on your list of upfront projects.  Painting is another one of those finishing touches you’ll also have to provide yourself—at least if you want crazy colors in every space.  You can always start with a neutral palette and add those as you go, though!


That “Newness”


Honestly, there’s just something about living in a space that no one has ever occupied before! Not only is it completely yours (and completely clean), but also there’s a comfort that comes with everything being new. From the major installations to the smallest appliances, it’s all up-to-date.  Which, most homeowners assume, means they won’t have a lot of work or repairs ahead of them.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always true.  Many times, it depends on the builder handling your home and their quality of work. After all, even the newest items can be improperly installed—or just plain defective.  So, you may want to look into a home warranty if you decide to go this route.


Energy Efficiency


Now that we have all the knowledge and technology to make homes more efficient, it’s easy to build that into new construction!  If you’re especially concerned with your carbon footprint, you can even add extra features to maximize your energy efficiency while your new home it being built. Some features, like efficient windows, typically come standard, but additional insultation, Energy Star appliances, dual flush toilets, etc. are all items you can put on your wish list. You’ll just have to factor these into the price.


With newly built homes, there’s rarely wiggle room when it comes to cost.  These listings are very competitive and priced accordingly.  So, even though they may be more expensive upfront, think about how your utility savings will continue to add up month after month.


Did you know that we work with new construction, too?  At Schaefer Exteriors, we can work with you to customize your home’s siding, roofing, windows, and garage doors.  Whether you’re starting from scratch or going for that fixer-upper, consider us part of your team!  With these resources on your side, you can trust that you’ll get the home of your dreams, no matter where your real estate search takes you.


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