New Color Palettes for the New Year

Welcome to 2019!  Now that it’s officially January, it’s time to look forward to new color palettes.  While there are some slight variations between choosing interior and exterior paint options, take a tip from the people who know trends.  All the tops names in paint, like Sherwin Williams and Behr have already released their predictions.  We’ll just adapt them to our specialty:  home exteriors.

Charcoal Blue

What’s better than a universal gray or a calm blue hue?  How about a blend of the two?  Charcoal blue tries to combine all that we loved in 2018.  It takes the gray/blue theme to a darker place without going completely black (which can be too extreme for some homeowners).  Plus, you can lighten it up with accents!  Use this as your siding backdrop, then highlight your trim with white, cream, or a light gold color.  It’s also great against natural finishes like wood wraps or stone veneer.  Want to know the best part?  This is one trend that will still look great for years to come.

Misty Green

In 2019, we’re bringing natural back in a big way.  By using a forest-inspired color palette, you can incorporate something that will never go out of style.  Image a light misty gray/green or warm beige offset by pops of deeper greens for emphasis. For edgier homes, a bright yellow-green will help your exterior standout among your neighbors.  Others may prefer a more tried-and-tested hunter green that blends well with the landscape.  Experts recommend adding spots of floral pink, but you can achieve a similar effect with actual flowers in the spring!

Bohemian Brown

This may sound like the boring option upfront, but that’s only because you’re not picturing it fully. In 2019, western style is making a comeback, including all the warm terra cotta colors of the Southwest.  So, when we say “brown,” we don’t really mean brown.  We mean warm clay, light sand, rich clove, and much more.  This is one color palette where it’s okay to incorporate many tones because they just blend effortlessly.  Don’t forget about the textures, though!  We love the look and feel of stone, wood, or other texturized vinyl siding to add interest to these retro colors.

Try to experiment with these palettes in 2019.  And not just because they’re trending.  One advantage that all of these options bring is their versatility!  They complement so many other colors.  So, if you already have something in mind for your home exterior update, you can easily incorporate one of these hot hues as an accent. If you need help deciding which color is right for you, give our experts a call!  At Schaefer Siding & Exteriors, we can pull samples, run simulations, and offer our professional opinion.  Have a great New Year!

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