How to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re on Vacation

For many people, summer vacation means day trips, travel plans, and weekends away where it’s time to leave your worries behind! Doing so, however, requires a bit of prep and some home safety precautions to make sure your mind is clear while you’re away. Keep these factors in mind when you travel this summer.


Take a walk through your home just before leaving and ensure all electronics– from the air conditioning to your alarm clock– are powered off and unplugged. This ensures you won’t waste power while you’re away and protects your devices from possible power surges during any storms that might sweep through. You’ll also want to set a timer on some of your lights, especially those in your kitchen or living room, main bedroom, and porch. A dark house night after night is a clear alert that the building is empty, and ensuring a few key lights switch on and off over the course of the evening will help protect your home from potential intruders.

Lock Up

This one goes without saying, but always, always make sure every window and door is closed and locked up tight before you leave, including your garage. Close most, if not all, of your curtains as well (only leave some open to show that your lights are transitioning on and off). Park any remaining vehicles inside your garage if you can as well. If you keep a spare key somewhere outside, it’s a good idea to leave it with a friend or neighbor until you’re back. This also ensures that they have access to your home in case of any sort of incident before you return.

Ask For Help

Speaking of friends and neighbors, make sure you have a plan for any pets or plants that need to be taken care of. Always ask in advance, as your acquaintances are probably just as busy as you are! Much like timing your lights, having someone to water your garden or feed your goldfish each afternoon comes with the added benefit of protection from snooping eyes– the house won’t be empty for days on end. Remember to ask for a hold on your mail as well, or have your pet/plant-sitter take it in each day for you. And don’t order anything online for a while before you leave or it might just be soaked through– or gone– by the time you’re home to bring it in!

We hope these home safety tips serve you well this summer whenever you plan to travel!

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