Holiday Decorating Approaches

It’s time to get festive! But what ways are you looking to do so? Everyone has a favorite Christmas style and there have been many trends over the years. Today we will cover a few ways to decorate this holiday season to aim for!


Classic Minimal

If you’re looking to call to mind the understated and classic look of the 1800s and turn of the century, this look is for you. Adorning your railings, banisters, and roofline with fresh pine and garland and red bows will get you started. As was done during these earlier days, placing candles (though admittedly electric nowadays most commonly) in each window to create light shining from within is another key element to this style. Think of natural greens, holly branches, and red berries as you choose your décor!


Mid-Century Modern

During the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, Christmas was in full swing becoming what we know today. During the 50s and especially the 60s, the space race was going on and stars, sunbursts, and bright colors were all the rage. If you’re looking to recapture the spirit of the “forward-look” days of this time, aim for bold letters, abstract shapes for decorations, and varied brightly colored lights and all décor. Back during this time, aluminum trees that were silver in color and featured a color-changing wheel were a huge hit. If you can track one down, you might as well start driving a big-finned old Cadillac to and from family get-togethers!


Classic Modern

Building upon the classic look that our forebears focused on with green garland, candlelight, and red bows, this look seeks to bring that look into the modern looks and comforts we have now. The colors of red and white carry through heavy, with red bows and dazzling crystal white lights covering bushes and lining roofs and railings. The garland and holly are necessary pieces to this as well, simply adding white lights to their already festive arrangement!



Nowadays there are so many options to decorate, Christmas grows more magical and dazzling to look at every year! The modern palette contains soft pastels and LED white lights, containing cool whites rather than the warm gold of classic white. Lawn ornaments like wireframe lighted deer and other figurines are common and favored for a reason! Changing out your floodlights for festive colors is a nice touch, and positioning lawn lights to shine these colors up into trees or onto your home can really make a home shine.


Christmas is a magical time of year, and no matter what you aim for, your home will sparkle! We hope you enjoyed these 4 ways to decorate this Holiday season. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!