Exterior Doors that will Transform Your Home

Your front door is much more than the natural access point for your home.  It’s also your chance to make a statement!  Rather than going with your typical, builder-grade door, why not try something new?  Without going overboard, you can seriously increase your curb appeal and make a true investment in your house.  If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few styles to consider:

Interesting Openings

Rather than installing a traditional door that simply swings backward and forward, why not go for something a little more inventive?  The classic approach might be a Dutch door, which allows you to open each half (top and bottom) of the door independently.  For a more modern approach, try a sliding door.  Not exactly like the glass version that leads out onto your deck.  A wooden or metal variety that borrows from the barn door style so popular today will delight your guests—once they figure out how it works!  Regardless of what architectural style you have at home, there’s a unique front door to match it.

Bold Color Choices

While you want your front door to suit your exterior color palette, it doesn’t necessarily need to match. For example, imagine a grey house with white trim sharply contrasting with a bright red door.  Not only is this approach good for your Feng shui, but it also makes an impression!  You could also add a robin’s egg blue do to an otherwise brown exterior.  When you’ve got a neutral palette, you can pretty much get away with any color front door you’d like!  The possibilities are virtually endless.  Some experts even recommend painting your door black as a way to increase your home value.  At the end of the day, though, it’s more about your personal tastes.  Little details, like the color of your front door, should reflect your personality and turn any house into a home.

Decorative Framing

Sometimes it’s not about the door itself, but rather the area around it.  By embellishing the frame with decorative details like windows, garlands, archways, and canopies, you’re making a bold statement!  Old-fashioned touches like transom windows above the door and sidelight windows flanking it will give character to both the inside and outside of your entryway.  This is also a great opportunity to bring in different materials, like wood elements, wrought iron, or even plasterwork.  The different dimensions can tie in architectural themes throughout the property, making for one unified look.  Don’t forget about practical inclusions like canopies and awnings. Not only will they look great—if done properly—but they’ll also provide shade from sun and rain as you’re trying to unlock your front door.


Whatever you decide, we can help you install!  If it has to do with your home’s exterior, then it’s our territory.  Come by the Schaefer Siding & Exteriors showroom to see samples of our current and past work.  You’ll leave with a little inspiration for your own front door, along with the assurance that we’ll handle your home with professionalism and respect. We want your front door to be the perfect entryway for your home.  Let’s work together to make that happen!


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