Celebrate Spring With These Decoration Ideas

December and October aren’t the only times to break out those lights and home accessories! Celebrate the spring season with these outside decoration ideas.

Let There Be Light!

LED, or fairy, lights are beautiful year-round. Add a bit of shine to your property with strings of white, gold, or even multi-colored bulbs. As the trees become green again, drape their branches in fairy lights and enjoy an evening picnic. There are all kinds of ways to add outdoor lighting to your property– your local home improvement store will likely have all kinds of fixtures, and if not, online shopping will doubtlessly yield an even bigger bounty. Now is the perfect time to add outdoor lights as the evenings are finally growing warm enough to enjoy them!

Flower Power

Spring is for new beginnings, so plant a seed and watch it grow! Bright colors among the greenery are always a gorgeous accent to any yard. If you’re all out of room for garden space, buy faux flowers at the arts and crafts store and make wreaths or garlands to decorate your backyard deck, porch, and doors. Hanging pots or planters are another great option. If you don’t have a green thumb, never fear– succulents require very little upkeep and fit in anywhere you’d like them to, whether that’s by your outdoor porch swing or above the kitchen sink.

Arts and Crafts

Got kids who get restless during spring showers? Keep them from the mud with arts and crafts that can double as outdoor decorations. There’s a plethora of such project kits available online or in craft stores, including customizable paving stones, do-it-yourself wind chimes. The only limit is your imagination!

When the sun is shining again, look around outside for materials to make “nature sculptures” or pinecone birdfeeders. If you’ve got a couple of budding artists, bring on the chalk and cover the pavement with colorful drawings. They’re sure to brighten the day of anyone who walks past!

Hello Birdie

If you’re handy and love nature, consider building a birdhouse or feeder for your yard. This site has plenty of great ideas for easy, inexpensive DIY bird feeders, most of which can be built from materials you find around the house. That’s a two in one– help your feathered friends and recycle materials to preserve the environment!

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