3 beautiful architectural homes in Maryland

Have you been yearning to do some renovations and redesigns of your home, but you don’t know where to start? Well, sometimes all it takes is some inspiration to get the ball rolling. Maryland is home to some stunning modern and historic homes and architecture. Let’s go over 5 of them and see how it inspires you!


Bel-Air Mansion

Located in Bowie, MD, this beautiful historic mansion offers some of Bowie’s earliest history. Built in 1745 for the provincial Governor Samuel Ogle and his wife Anne Tasker Ogle, this home boasts classic brickwork, gables, many windows, and a sprawling and beautiful interior befitting a Governor. Additionally, it was notably later occupied by famed 20th-century horseman William Woodward. Guided tours of the first two floors are offered! Find more info here.


The Hooper House

For a completely different look, check out the Hooper House in Bare Hills. Considered part of the Bauhaus movement visually, this home was commissioned by philanthropist Edith Hooper in the 50s’. The project began in 1958 and was completed in 1959. The home is divided into wings by a central courtyard and features beautiful artisan stone and woodwork. The wings feature windows allowing the owners to peer clear through the home! The home also sits near Lake Roland and features an unobstructed view! The home is privately owned, so pictures online will have to do for inspiration. View photos here.


Robert Llewellyn Wright House

Did you know famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright built two homes right here in Maryland? That’s right! The most famous of these two is the home he built for his son, Robert Llewellyn Wright (As it is so named) located in Bethesda, MD. The home was designed and built in 1953, and since has remained in the family as of 2010; belonging to Wright’s grandson Thomas and his wife. The home features wild shapes and angles known as “hemicycle” style and is built of the same high-quality materials the Wright homes have come to be known for. Just like Frank Lloyd Wright’s other project homes, the furniture featured within was largely also designed by him. Tours here have been hosted previously, though on a consistent schedule. Learn more here.


Our home state boasts a plethora of stunning homes, and we would love to list all of them. But we hope these 3 beautiful architectural homes in Maryland will suffice to inspire your creative side as you look at your own home! We hope you enjoyed this article. Get out there and get creative!