Why You Need a Home Exteriors Inspection

April is National Home Inspection Month, and so we’d like to take this month to raise awareness of the importance of having a home exteriors inspection. Homeowners are encouraged to have an inspection at least once a year, and spring is the ideal time to look for damage that may have occurred during winter and have necessary repairs in place before the spring rains and summer sun escalate any problem areas. Here are some of the benefits a home exteriors inspection has to offer.

Curb Appeal

As homeowners, we put a lot of work into maintaining a beautiful house. But when unchecked damage is left to fester and worsen, it can leave a home looking more like an eyesore. Inspecting the roof, siding, deck, and other exteriors alerts you to problems when they are still small, manageable, and unnoticeable to passers-by. Keeping up with your home’s appearances also helps to maintain or increase its value. Even if you’re not looking to sell, your neighbors may be, and they’ll certainly appreciate you keeping your home in top condition, which improves neighborhood property values.

Save Money

Investing a little time into a home inspection will pay you back handsomely if problems are detected. The trick to keeping home repairs simple and inexpensive is catching them early, and that’s especially true when dealing with situations like wood rot, water leaks, and structural damage, all of which should be discovered through an inspection. Having exteriors functioning in peak condition also saves money for homeowners by improving heat loss/gain, thereby keeping heating and cooling costs from escalating.

Improved Health

Over the course of a winter, the thermal cycle causes materials to contract and expand, which can lead to cracking, buckling, and other problems. Whether on a roof or siding, this damage offers an opening for moisture to enter, resulting in not only water damage, but also the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to grow and spread. Mold and mildew cause allergy problems for many individuals and can also be harmful to those suffering from respiratory conditions or weakened immune systems. Damaged areas also may provide an entrance for potentially disease-carrying pests and insects.

Increased Lifespan for Property

Many of our favorite exterior surfaces are durable and long-lasting, but nothing is entirely impervious to damage. Keeping surfaces clean, well maintained, and regularly inspected, however, helps them last their intended lifespan or even beyond.

No one wants to encounter loose or missing shingles, but addressing them is far easier than facing a roof replacement. And while repairing warped vinyl siding might be an unexpected expense, it’s a mere drop in the bucket next to a total siding replacement or addressing possible structural damage. Performing a home exteriors inspection is simply too important to be overlooked. If your annual check-up revealed any damage, Schaefer Exteriors carries a wide variety of vinyl siding, roofing materials, stone veneer, and much more. These durable materials are matched with expert installation to ensure all your future inspections come with passing grades. Give us a call to discuss what products your home needs, and in the meantime, check back later this month for the second part in our home inspection awareness series.

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