Tips on Caring for Fall Threats

Fall is upon us here in the greater DC metropolitan area and beyond. And with that comes some new challenges that most homeowners face every year at this time. Life can get truly busy and before you know it, the little problems that fall brings can sneak up on you and turn into big headaches. Today we will go over some tips to keep your eyes open for this fall season!

Lawn Care

Starting off with an obvious one, is the soon-to-be-covered-with-leaves lawn you have. In dealing with this matter, there are a handful of ways to deal with them. The first, is to mow them down and dice them up small with your lawn mower. There is also the classic of raking them into piles and bagging them up. No matter how you do it, it is good to know how to dispose of them afterwards properly. Burning leaves can be done in certain places, but not all. If it can be done in your local area, it must be done properly and often with a permit. If you plan to do so with your leaves and you’ve verified that you can with your local authorities, also be sure that there isn’t a burn ban in effect due to lack of rainfall or other exacerbating circumstances. You could also bag up the leaves and have them with your garbage cans out front to be picked up, but you’ll need to check with your local sanitation division to verify it is something they will do. Additionally, you could take them to your local landfill and drop them off in the proper sector there. However, evidence of county citizenship and a small fee based on weight is usually incurred.

Roof Care

As the leaves fall as the season continues, be sure to check your roof and gutters for build up as you also care for your lawn. Left unchecked leaves on the roof can create undue strain on your roof’s support system. It can become increasingly worrisome depending upon the amount of rainfall, and can worsen as the tempuratures fall. later in the season due to freezing problems. These issues carry over into your gutter system, which can quickly be overwhelmed and clogged due to the increase of volume of all debris.

Heating and Plumbing

As the leaves continue to drop, so do the temperatures. This can put a strain and a damper on your heating and plumbing system. It’s a good idea to check the quality and condition of your insulation in your attics or top floors to make sure they aren’t causing your heating system to work overtime to compensate. Leaks in the roof, age, and the wear and tear that comes with it can cause this. The rainier weather and myriad of leaves can also causew clogs in your sump pump in the basement if you have one. Failure of the sump pump can lead to standing water and flooding in your basement, which leads to even further issues as well! When temperatures drop, it is often the case that pipes should be left open and flowing to varying small degrees to prevent freezing. If not done and the heating system isn’t working properly to keep them warm, they can burst and lead to heavy damage and flooding in your basement. And that’s a headache no one wants! For more information on waterproofing your basement, has some helpful information.

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The fall season is a beautiful time of year, and can be a peaceful one too. We hope that these tips will be helpful in making your fall more relaxing and stress-free while you enjoy the vibrant colors and crips air of the outdoors. Happy homesteading!