Stone Veneer Maintenance

During the holidays, stone veneer creates a picture-perfect backdrop at home.  However, in order to protect this exterior from harsh winter weather, a little maintenance is in order.  Overall, stone is one of the most durable building materials that we have! Even the veneer requires very little protection.  But, if you really want to make it shine, try some of these tips.

Start with a Closer Look

The easiest way to maintain stone veneer is just to check it!  A few times a year, conduct a thorough inspection looking for signs of damage.  Even though stone is very strong, certain areas are more vulnerable than others. Pay special attention to your roofline, where gutters attach, your windows, shutters, etc.  In the midst of securing these elements, some stones may have loosened.  You also want to generally inspect your grout—if your particular veneer is grouted.  Over time, this can wear away and crack, leading to bigger issues down the road

Gentle Cleaning

Depending on your weather, it may actually be too cold now for a proper cleaning.  Still, don’t try to cut corners when it comes to natural stone. Although it’s durable, many stone veneer finishes can be damaged by harsh cleaning chemicals.  We actually recommend a very mild solution of mostly water mixed with regular dish detergent or even a little vinegar.  Try to stay away from stone-specific cleaning agents unless you know the exact composition of your veneer.  And be sure to use plenty of water!  A thorough rinse is key.

Some Sealant for Extra Protection

While it’s not mandatory that you seal your stone veneer exterior, this extra maintenance will keep it looking beautiful for years to come!  Remember, stone is a porous material.  It needs to be able to breathe.  Some swelling and contraction as the weather changes is normal for this finish—so we don’t want to use any sealant that might inhibit that. Ideally, the right product will just protect your home’s exterior against excess damage caused by the environment, as well as staining.  Look for something that’s specially formulated to work with stone veneer—not just stone.  Veneer often has additional components to enhance its structure, which certain chemicals can damage.  When in doubt, just ask the stone veneer and siding experts at Schaefer Exteriors!


Once we install your beautiful new exterior, it’s time to enjoy it!  Especially during the holidays, stone veneer just adds a little something extra.  Whether it’s been 10 days since the installation or 10 years, your friends and neighbors will never know as long as you keep up with these few maintenance tasks! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.

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