Protect Your Siding from these Common Pests

Don’t leave your wood siding vulnerable to common pests!  Stay one step ahead of these crafty creatures by spotting them as soon as they arrive.  If you know the signs, you can prevent them from causing too much damage to your home’s exterior.  You may also want to consider choosing materials that are a little less attractive to wood-boring insects.  Like vinyl, fiber cement, or even aluminum siding.  When you get tired of fighting these pests, reach out to Schaefer Exteriors!termites

Enemy #1:  Termites

It’s the name that strikes fear in homeowners throughout the country.  Termites are notorious for their ability to burrow through wooden structures, causing thousands of dollars in damage during the process.  The worst part is, they’re difficult to spot.  Many people don’t even know they have an infestation until it’s well underway.  That’s because these are subterranean pests.  They live underground, feeding off of wooden surfaces through thousands of tiny tubes they create in your siding, framing, and even the foundation. 

Basically, anything with wood is fair game. You can test for termites periodically by tapping your wood siding (or other structures) listening for a hollow sound. The earlier you catch these common pests, the sooner you can bring in the exterminators.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to eliminate these wood-boring insects on your own.  The professionals will treat the soil surrounding your home to ensure you stay termite-free from now on.

carpenter beeCarpenter Bees Love Siding

Not as a food source, but as a home base!  Unlike bumblebees that create hives to raise a colony, carpenter bees will actually burrow into wooden siding, decking, and other exterior elements to form nests. Unfortunately, some of these nests can go quite deep, affecting the structural integrity of your home’s exterior. Plus, carpenter bees tend to return to the same place year after year, bringing more bees (and potential damage) with them each time.  Getting rid of these common pests is relatively easy, though.  You can choose from a number of insecticide-free methods to repel bees before filling the holes with exterior caulking.  If you need help with bigger repairs, just let us know!

A Maryland Problem: Powder Post Beetles

Okay, they’re not exclusive to Maryland, but they are a serious problem in our area.  While powder post beetles look harmless, they’re actually quite destructive.  In the early stages of life, this common pest lives inside wood siding, posts, and/or decking.  Feeding off wood starches before tunneling their way out as they reach maturity.  This leaves dozens (or hundreds) of tiny exit holes, along with a flour-like substance that’s actually wood shavings. If you spot these signs, be sure to call your local pest control professionals as soon as possible.  Even though the damage may not seem that bad from your exterior viewpoint, the inside could paint a different picture.   

To avoid attracting these and other pests, try to keep soil, mulch, and firewood at a safe distance from your home’s exterior.  With careful monitoring and regular maintenance, you can protect your property. Still, if you need help repairing or replacing your wood siding, contact the experts at Schaefer Exteriors.  We’ve been working with homeowners throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Eastern West Virginia to pest-proof their exteriors for more than 30 years.  Let us do the same for you!

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