Keep Your Home Up to Date with Our Winter Maintenance Checklist!

While this hasn’t been the snowiest winter we’ve witnessed here in Maryland, the bitter cold and prolonged rainfall alone can still leave our homes looking more weathered than they did during the peak of the summer. With spring just over the horizon, which home maintenance tasks should you check off before its arrival?

Exterior Tasks

  • Keep snow away from your foundation. When shoveling snow, try to keep it away from your home’s foundation to save your home from potential leaks.
  • Remove ice dams and icicles from the roof if possible to prevent water damage to walls, ceiling and insulation.
  • Check your windows for moisture or cold air. These issues can lead to mold and costly energy bills, respectively.
  • Make sure your outdoor pool is fully winterized.
  • Check your caulk and insulation for any worn or ineffective areas.
  • Make sure gutters are working without issue after storms. This is especially true if you did not have your gutters cleaned after the fall. 
  • Check and clean garage door windows. Easy to overlook, damaged or unsealed garage windows can let in rain and snow and cause damage to the interior of your garage.

Interior Tasks

You may know us as the exterior experts, but there are some interior tasks we recommend checking off this winter as well:

  • Ensure that both your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly.
  • Check that your security system and any exterior cameras are still functioning correctly.
  • Replace your HVAC filters.
  • Clean or replace humidifier filters.
  • Inspect plumbing for new leaks.
  • Inspect thermostat usage to ensure your HVAC schedule is optimized and efficient.
  • Pay close attention to any performance changes in your heating and cooling equipment.
  • Inspect your chimney to see if you are due for an annual cleaning.
  • Clean your dryer vents! (Dryer fires typically peak every year in January)
  • Organize storage areas during holiday cleanup.
  • Reassess your home inventory and donate any excess items.
  • Ensure your sump pump is operating properly.
  • Replace your refrigerator water filter.

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