How to Take Care of Your Porch

From curb appeal to simple comfort, porch maintenance is just as important as any other area of your home. After all, it houses your front door! Here’s how to take care of your porch.


Use a push broom to sweep your porch about once a week to clear the floor of dirt, insects, and general grit. Make sure to dust your window and door frames as well, and the blades of your ceiling fan, if you have one. Get into the corners, both on the floor and the ceiling, to clear out any cobwebs or hidden grime. Use the opportunity to check for any mold or mildew creeping in as well– moisture plus warmth and oxygen is a recipe for mold growth, so you don’t want a leak!


Every month or so, you’ll want to remove the covers of any outdoor lighting features for cleaning. Wash them gently with soap and water, and make sure they’re dry before you replace them. Watch out for dead bugs, especially moths, they are drawn to the light and then find themselves stuck.

If your porch has a concrete floor, power washing is your best bet to get those pesky stains out. To avoid some marks altogether, make sure to sweep dirty water and dead bugs off your porch after it rains.

You might not be able to power wash the section of siding that backs up your porch due to its proximity to your front door and windows. If so, use an all-purpose cleaner mixed with water to scrub the walls instead. This also works well for composite railings, even with some mold and mildew. Alternate between a scrub brush and a soft sponge depending on your results.


Make sure to wipe down any outdoor furniture or ceramics regularly, taking care to move them when you clean to avoid a buildup of grit around their bases. Do the same with any flower pots and take extra care to wash away loose soil, dropped leaves, and twigs.

As a side note, make sure you trim any bushes or trees surrounding your porch. This not only results in less general debris to clean up but also prevents a safety risk. Always check for dead wood that could cause a limb or tree to fall during inclement weather.

We hope these tips help you keep your porch in top shape!

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