Good auto and driveway care habits to follow in winter

If you’re spending your morning scraping your car and clearing the driveway of ice and snow, you know it’s winter. Winter auto and garage care can be a big challenge, but today we are aiming to provide some solid advice and alleviate some of that stress. Here are some tips to take care of your car and driveway this winter:


The morning scrape: dos, and don’ts


You’re groggy, it’s snowy, and the sun hasn’t even come up yet. This is a typical winter morning in Maryland. Increased stress and the holiday rush can make the temptation to do a poor job at scraping in the morning a reality. As you remove ice and snow from your car, do so gently. As the temperatures plummet and the ice bonds with the plastic, the plastic becomes brittle and what would be a negligible blow other times of the year can turn into serious damage very quickly. And always remember: do not throw hot water onto your car’s glass surfaces! A rapid temperature change can worsen or create major cracks in your windshield or windows as the structure changes properties so quickly.


Shoveling, snow blowing, and salting


As we shovel, salt or snowblow, we can be in a habit of rushing through. As tempting as it can be due to the cold temperatures and grueling nature of the work, rushing through should not be the approach.

 Shoveling too hard and too deep can damage the asphalt or concrete surface with cracks and chips. Over salting to clear the surface of the ice and snow can cause problems much the same, as the salt begins putting wear and tear on the surface leading to cracks, chips, and weakened material.

The snowblower is a great device to avoid both issues, but it isn’t a cure-all. A snowblower works best with thin layers of powdery snow and should not be used on heavily packed snow and ice. Using a snowblower in tandem with the other two is your best approach to avoid overloading the equipment and breaking both the surface and the device itself. When employing a snowblower, take it slow and be patient.


Your car and driveway both need extra care in the winter, and we hope these tips to learn how to take care of both have been helpful. Clear surfaces and vehicles with patience and care!