Back-to-School Basics: Exterior Home Maintenance

With summer on its way out, it’s time to stock up on back-to-school basics.  Apart from the traditional school supplies, you’ll also need cleaning products and organizational tools to help with your exterior home maintenance.  Since there’s no supply list for “adulting,” we’ll offer some pro tips to make your life a little easier this September.  If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact your local experts at Schaefer Exteriors.

For Your Front Porch

Whether you like to change your decorations with the seasons or keep up your curb appeal, your front porch is a great place to start.  After a stormy summer, take the time to really clean this outdoor space.  By sweeping away the dust and cobwebs first, you can get a good look at potential issues.  Or even elements you’d like to update. 

Don’t forget to focus on your outdoor furniture during this process.  Some pieces may look a little worse for wear, but you’d be amazed at what a few microfiber clothes can do.  After wiping down the pieces and washing cushions as directed, you should think ahead. How will you store and/or cover your furniture during the cooler months ahead?  Are there pieces you can leave out?  Or maybe even some you need to replace?  If so, take the time to look for new covers and decorations as you shop those back-to-school sales.

Garage Clean Up 101

After months of outdoor activities, whatever organization your garage had at the start of summer is long gone.  Between the sporting equipment, pool toys, and other items that made their way outside, it’s going to take effort to thoroughly clean up this space.  We recommend tucking away a lot of those summer toys in clearly labelled bins.  (Clear ones are particularly useful, since they allow you to see what’s inside.)

With your garage organization underway, you should be able to determine what needs to be stored in this area and what can be moved to other areas (like the attic).  Evaluate your space to see how you can make it more efficient!  Is there room for shelving or other storage solutions?  Do you have items that need to be disposed of or donated?  What about your weatherstripping?  If your garage door needs an update, let us know!  Our professional team can install a new door that offers security and curb appeal.  Just in time for back to school.

Up on the Roof

With the way summer storms swept across the Mid-Atlantic, you definitely need to take a look at your roof.  Try to get up close and personal (as long as you’re comfortable) to inspect the surface for missing or loose shingles.  DIYers often try to replace small spots of wear and tear, but it doesn’t hurt to bring in the professionals.  Even a small job requires a lot of materials, including shingles, sealant, roofing nails, chalk lines, lumber, and more.  Because of the precarious position, you’ll also need a helper (or two) and a fall kit for safety’s sake.

Instead of going to all this trouble, call Schaefer Exteriors. We’ll look beyond surface damage this back-to-school season and identify potential problem areas for the future. As we give you a better idea of the overall health of your home exterior.  While you focus on preparing your family for the school year ahead, we’ll handle these exterior home maintenance tasks.

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