Happy Trick-or-Treating!

Whether you look forward to Halloween all year long or celebrate this holiday last-minute, the big day is officially here.  Soon, trick-or-treaters will be flooding the neighborhood looking for candy.  Are you ready?  If not, never fear!  We have all the advice you need to prepare your home for all the costumed kids you can handle.  And then some.

Make Sure It’s Not Too Spooky

While you have your own definition of spooky, that might differ from an elementary schooler’s perspective.  Try to look at your decorations through a first-time trick-or-treater’s eyes.  Is there anything that’s too scary?  Some feature that could deter a child from coming to your door?  If so, you may want to tone it down.  It’s a good idea to keep your front porch and door family-friendly.  As an outlet for all your scary stuff, you can create a separate “haunted house” off to the side of your house for braver visitors.  That way, you’ve got a little something for everyone!  Try to confine your more graphic decorations to this area, and even your strobe lighting. This will make your house one of the most inclusive stops on the block.

Encourage Safety, Too

Hopefully, the kids are busily preparing for trick-or-treating by finding putting the last-minute touches on their costumes.  For you, getting ready means a little something different.  As part of the process, make sure all of your possessions outside of the house are put away and secured.  Especially any lawn equipment that could potentially trip a trick-or-treater.  Then, turn on appropriate lighting that indicates your participation and illuminates the pathway leading up to your door.  Tonight might be a good time to break in new security measures, too, like a video doorbell and/or security cameras.  Just in case some of the older kids in the neighborhood are feeling a little mischievous.

Set It Up and Enjoy!

Now’s a good time to double-check what time trick-or-treating officially starts.  You don’t want to miss the main event, after all! Buy an extra bag of candy (or two), light the pumpkins, and put your costume on!  (It helps to deliver the full Halloween effect.)  The only thing left to do at this point is to have fun. Enjoy the experience of seeing everyone’s costumes and getting to spread joy (and candy) all over town.  Once the official hours have ended, you can bring in the remaining sweets and relax.   Refrain from answering the door at this point (unless you know you have scheduled visitors).  Later in the evening is when the more mischievous children tend to become active, but you don’t have to participate in the “trick” portion of the night. Follow these steps and you should have a great holiday!

While we’re not exactly Halloween experts, we are experienced home improvement professionals.  So, we want to help you maintain your home throughout the year—including holidays.  We’re also a part of the same communities in which we work, which makes getting involved with local activities like trick-or-treating that much more important. If you need help with an exterior project in the DC/Maryland/Virginia/West Virginia/Southern Pennsylvania area, give Schaefer Siding & Exteriors a call!  But first, have a Happy Halloween!

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