Get Ready for Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving Day less than 24 hours away, we want to help you prepare!  As the host, you want to make sure everything’s perfect for your guests.  But don’t let those last-minute details prevent you from fully enjoying the holiday.  Get ready today with a few steps that will make tomorrow so much better.  For you and your family/friends!

1. Go on a Cleaning Spree.

Not a full-on spring cleaning session, but a little extra attention in key rooms will go a long way. Starting with the bathrooms. Focus on the one your guests will be primarily using, wiping down all surfaces and making sure everything is well stocked.  You may also want to tidy up a secondary restroom, just in case.  Don’t forget to dust the surfaces in rooms where you’ll be entertaining.  After running a vacuum over the floors, of course.  This is a good time to evaluate the clutter in each space and condense wherever you can!  Depending on how many guests you’ll have, floor space may be at a premium.

2. Finish Your Last-Minute Shopping

Or, better yet, have someone else run to the store while you’re cleaning up!  Tidying should point out any major holes in your current supply list, and shopping the night before will help you avoid any unexpected closures. Remember, more and more businesses are closing for the holiday to give their workers a day off.  Here’s the a current list to help you finalize your plans for tomorrow.

3. Set the Mood.

While many people jump straight from Halloween to Christmas, we think Thanksgiving deserves its own décor. Welcome your guests with a well-decorated front porch, complete with the perfect touches of fall foliage.  Carry the mood inside with autumnal tones, comfortable seating arrangements, and fragrant seasonal candles.  We like to set the table on Thanksgiving Eve to prepare! Not only does it take one more item off our to-do list for tomorrow, but it also gives us a little while longer to enjoy those special-occasion settings.

4. Relax a Little.

Autumnal decorations for the fall holidays

You’ve got a big day ahead of you!  Be sure you take some time to rest and get perspective on this celebration.  It’s a day dedicated to being thankful.  You’ll be surrounded by your friends, family, and a small mountain of food.  What’s not to enjoy?  In all the chaos of hosting, though, it can be easy to lose sight of this.  If you’re the crafting kind, leave some time for one of these fun activities.  Get your family involved, so everyone can have a good time expressing their gratitude. While you have one less thing to plan!


However you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving, we wish you a happy holiday!  Our offices will also be closed tomorrow, so our staff can enjoy the day with their family and friends.  But we hope these last-minute tips help you host the best Thanksgiving dinner yet.  If you need any assistance with home improvement projects, we’ll be back on Black Friday to give you a hand!

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