Gutter Guard Protection is Worth the Investment

Gutter Guard Protection

Tired of this? Gutter guard protection may be right for you and your home!

September is here, and with any luck, the Indian summer weather will be with us for a little while longer. Once the air cools a little, we’ll be looking forward to bright yellow and orange foliage as we approach the winter season! As enjoyable as fall colors are, however, it also means that soon homeowners throughout Maryland will be trudging up ladders to clean out their gutters. Gutters are important pieces of your home exterior – when they function properly, they protect your roofing from damage. But cleaning them on a regular basis is a chore few of us have much patience for. That’s one of the reasons why gutter guard protection is a great investment for your home! Here are some other reasons to look into gutter guard protection.

Protects Your Gutter System

Gutters accumulate plant matter and leaves throughout the entire year. This matter ends up jamming and clogging the gutters, which can not only damage your roof and home interior – it can also do some significant damage to the gutters themselves. Gutter guard protection keeps leaves and other foliage out of your gutters to help protect them and your home from water damage.

Easier Maintenance Demands

As we mentioned above, no one really enjoys cleaning their home’s gutter system, even though it’s necessary work. Gutter guard protection makes it a lot easier to do this important task so you’ll have more time to focus on other fall maintenance tasks or simply relax during the weekend!

Longer Lifespan

Gutters are expected to withstand years of brutal wear and tear – most are rated for ten to twenty years of usage if of good quality. Gutter guard protection can add significantly to that total. In some cases, you can expect to nearly double the lifespan of your gutters since the guards protect against build ups caused by the accumulation of rust.

Pest Control

Maryland is home to diverse wildlife, some of which could find your unprotected gutter system a nice place to build a shelter. Squirrels, birds, and other pests could significantly damage your gutters, posing a threat to your roof and home. Gutter guard protection is a great, humane way to keep these pests away.

Let Schaefer Siding Protect Your Gutters with New Gutter Guard Installation!

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