Fall Leaves Clog Gutters

An issue that can become a serious threat to your home’s health if undealt with is clogged gutters. As we approach the fall season and summer has come to a close, a new challenge is presented to homeowners in the form of many, many leaves. And if they are left to gather, they can become a serious hazard to your home’s condition and cost you a great deal of headaches and money in the long run.

4 Seasons of Gutter Care

All 4 seasons of the year present their own issues for your home, and more specifically your gutters. Spring brings heavy rains; Summer brings thunderstorms, insects, and tree branches. But, Fall and Winter have a great deal even more challenges due to the amount of debris and colder temperatures. Fall is a particularly challenging season due to the leaves and the volume at which they fall. Most homeowners find themselves on the wrong end of a clogged gutter clearing it manually more than once; and if not, calling a professional to clear them for you. Undealt with clogged gutters can leak, gather breeding grounds for mosquitos, and even collapse if left to gather for a long period of time. But there are ways to help prevent this type of event yourself!

Dealing with Clogged Gutters-Before It’s A Serious Problem!

The best way to help with clogged gutters is to prevent serious clogs in the first place. There are several good products on the market to stem the flow and prevent large buildups or blockages.

Gutterguard is a great product that creates a shield over the gutters. Gutterguard acts as a strainer and allows water through while preventing the majority of leaves and other large pieces of debris from entering the gutter. It comes in a variety of types, from mesh netting to aluminum sheeting. If you decide to go this route, Schaefer Exteriors’ experienced workers are knowledgable and ready to complete the installation for you.

While it helps a great deal to install Gutterguard or other similar defensive products, it may still become necessary to clean the gutters manually over time. Rather than removing the leaves using only your gloved hands, there are products that are designed for this very process to ease some of the workload. No one wants to spend all day on a ladder pulling leaves out of their gutters! Products such as a gutter vaccum, gutter sprayer, brushes, tongs and scoops can all make the job easier-even if it still isn’t pleasant. For a list of the best Gutterguard products on the market for today, visit: Bobvila.com

So while you enjoy the fall colors and watching the leaves gently cascade down, do so with more peace of mind that your home is more secure from the issues they can cause. We hope this post helps you have a safe and happy Autumn! Need to schedule a conultation? Visit us online at ShaeferSiding.com to get in contact with us!