4 Fun Ways to Recycle Old Gutters

fun ways to recycle old gutters

What are some fun ways to recycle old gutters?

Gutters will eventually fail and need replacing. Sure, you could replace your tired, old, faithful gutters. But just because they have exhausted their original purpose does not mean they are now totally useless. Everything can be reused, and in certain cases, in intriguing and creative ways. In this blog, we’ll look at 4 fun ways to recycle old gutters.

1. Recycle an Old Gutter into: a Vertical Garden

Old gutters might be destined only for the landfill. Why don’t you provide a twist of fate instead? We already know that gutters are ideal for holding and containing large amounts of water. Use that liquid potential to erect a vertical garden instead. Is the soil normally too cold for crops to grow? Not anymore. But how do you accomplish this? It’s quite simple, really:

  • Get some regular rainwater gutters and then drill some holes in them.
  • Next, hang them on the walls, how many you hang depends on how many you need and how much space you can use.
  • Excess water will seep out through the holes you drilled. Add soil and time-release fertilizers.
  • Then add more soil and some seeds. Herbs and other kitchen garden plants are ideal for this type of garden.

2. Recycle an Old Gutter into: an Outdoor Table Wine Cooler

Are patio parties more your speed? Well, here’s a delightful way to put a spin on it.

  • Acquire a wooden table or build one yourself using reclaimed wood as your base material.
  • Then, fit an old gutter into the middle of the table. Now the table is ready for keeping bottles of wine or scotch in easy reach.
  • For a handy cooler, just add a layer of ice to the gutter underneath the bottles.

3.Recycle an Old Gutter into: a Wine Rack

Continuing the previous item’s theme, let’s learn how we can turn an old gutter into a new wine rack. This one in particular is wide open to various touches of creative flair, definitely one of the most fun ways to recycle old gutters.

  • Change the shape and the type as you wish and depending on what materials you can collect to make it happen. An example would be a redwood gutter and reclaimed cypress wood.
  • The trick here is to cut the gutter into large enough pieces to be able to hold the wine bottles.
  • To do this, simply take a log and attach pieces of redwood to it in any way or shape that you would like.

4.  Recycle an Old Gutter into: Shelves

Believe it or not, old gutters turn out to be excellent shelves. You can hang them in the kitchen for extra storage. Or you could use them in the bedroom to hold more books. Perhaps you could also set them up by the door so as to hold keys? It’s your choice. A small amount of effort and creativity will breathe new life into old gutters and keep them as a valuable part of the household.

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