What’s in Your Garage Door?

You probably don’t give much thought you what your garage door is made out of currently, but maybe you should!  When it’s time for an upgrade, take this opportunity to consider your materials more carefully.  You have a lot of options to choose from today.  Some more durable, some more economical, but fortunately, we can provide information on all of them and even handle the installation once you decide. This is just part of our full-service approach at Schafer Exteriors!


Metal Rocks


Aluminum or steel garage doors are pretty popular with modern exteriors.  They can easily be customized to suit any shape or design, and they work with the sectional or roll-up mechanisms that most homes have in place.  Both are durable choices, known for their low-maintenance upkeep and relatively inexpensive installation.  Still, steel is slightly heavier, which causes more wear and tear on the average garage door opener with consistent use.  Aluminum is much lighter, and thus more prone to denting, but it’s also rust-resistant, and better suited for wider doors.  Either option is common in residential areas, and a smart upgrade for your home.


Classic Wood or Composite Garage Doors


Solid wood doors create a unique look perfect for rustic or traditional exteriors.  Since they’re not able to retract like their metal counterparts, you’ll have to get crafty with your moving mechanisms, though.  You can always try a swing up/out, sliding, or classic carriage-house style door at the hands of our experienced installers.  Just remember that this option will have more maintenance when exposed to the elements.  It can also be more expensive, depending on what type of wood you choose, so composites are becoming increasingly popular.  These finishes combine the look of real wood at a fraction of the cost (and weight).  Ask to see both when you visit our showroom!


Man-made Materials


If you’re looking for a garage door that combines durability and value, then you may want to consider fiberglass or vinyl.  Both options are great for high-traffic areas since they’re resistant to dents or damage with very little maintenance required.  However, if you live in an environment known for extreme temperatures (especially heat) you should avoid fiberglass that can crack after prolonged exposure. Available styles may also be too modern for your tastes, depending on your overall architecture.  Plus, some fading or yellowing over time is inevitable.  Still, it’s a low-cost alternative that could fit your home’s exterior perfectly!


Choosing a garage door doesn’t have to be difficult.  Especially not when you partner with the right local company who understands the needs of your particular neighborhood and environment!  Schaefer Exteriors serves homes throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia, Delaware, and Eastern parts of West Virginia.  Let us customize a solution that suits your style, your home, and your budget.


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