What Are the Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors?


If you’re thinking about replacing your garage door, one of the decisions you’re going to have to make is whether or not you want an insulated garage door.

Insulation offers a number of benefits for your garage. Of course, the main purpose of insulation is to reduce heat transfer, thus making your garage more comfortable and your home more energy efficient. But insulation also serves a number of other purposes, which may convince you to choose an insulated garage door.

Schaefer Siding and Exteriors installs Clopay garage doors, which comes in a wide range of materials and styles. Keep on reading to learn why you should consider insulation for your new garage door.


An insulated garage door can make your garage more energy efficient.

What Are the Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors?


Clopay Intellicore Insulation Technology


Clopay garage doors with insulation feature Intellicore insulation technology. This is “a proprietary polyurethane foam that is injected into a garage door, expanding to fill the entire structure.” This technology is available on 6 different garage door series, including their Canyon Ridge, Coachman, Gallery, and Modern Steel collections.

So what does Intellicore insulation technology mean for you, the homeowner?

A More Comfortable, Energy Efficient Garage


Clopay garage doors with Intellicore insulation have R-values up to 22.2, which are the highest in the industry. With insulation, the R-value is the ability of a material to reduce heat transmission. The higher the value, the better it is at reducing it.

This means that in the winter, your garage will be warmer as a result of less heat transfer outside through the garage door. And in the summer, the garage will be cooler because of less heat transfer from the outside. The result is a more comfortable, more energy efficient garage.



“Scientific tests show that a Clopay overhead door sections featuring Intellicore insulation are nearly twice as strong as a polystyrene door section of the same thickness.” This added strength gives an insulated garage door added durability and longevity.

Quieter Operation


Insulation acts as a sound muffler, which helps reduce the volume of sounds outside your home.


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