Update Your Garage Door with These 21st Century Features

21st Century Garage Door

Take your garage door to the 21st century with new technological improvements!

Your garage door is the largest moving object of your home and accounts for more than one-third of its façade. It’s no surprise that updating it is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. But there’s more to garage doors nowadays than meets the eye. Bringing your garage door to the 21st century can increase its utility and make your home more appealing to potential buyers if you’re looking to sell soon. Here are some 21st-century features to think about implementing.

Energy Efficient Garage Doors

The idea of energy efficiency has been at the forefront of 21st century home design, and homeowners are more conscious than ever of ways to reduce their ecological footprints. With this in mind, garage door manufacturers are offering products with very high insulation values and efficient weather-sealing systems to keep your garage at a stable temperature year-round. This can help reduce your home’s overall heating and cooling costs.

High-Tech Door Openers

Not only are the doors themselves undergoing vast improvements in the 21st century, but the garage door openers as well. They have joined the vast “internet of things” movement over the last few years, meaning that they are part of a network of home appliances connected via wireless internet. This can have significant benefits, as we will see below. Also, the motors of these openers have undergone a high-tech shift of their own. Your garage door can be equipped with a DC motor, which starts slowly, speeds up to normal speed, then stops slowly. This saves energy, contributing further to your quest for an energy efficient home.

Internet Connected Features

As we mentioned above, garage door openers have started to come equipped with internet connectivity. What does this mean for your garage door? Consider that a garage door connected to the web can be opened or closed from anywhere in the world! These features are activated using a dedicated application that you can install on your smartphone. This can be especially useful for homeowners with kids who come home from school before you return home from work. Instead of giving them a key or having them use an exterior keypad, simply install the app on their phones and they can open the garage door and enter the house safely and easily. In the future, we should see garage doors become more integrated with existing smart home technology, creating new possibilities and making it easier than ever to control your home remotely.

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