Secure Your Detached Garage this Summer

Did you know your detached garage could make your home a target?  Recently, criminals have been taking advantage of the lack of security around these additions.  Since they don’t provide direct access to the rest of the house, many homeowners forget to secure the cars, tools, and other equipment inside.  To protect your property this summer, we recommend the following precautions:

Check Your Windows & Side Door

These are first places would-be intruders check if they’re looking for an easy intrusion.  If your detached garage has multiple doors and windows for ventilation/access, be sure they’re all secure.  Do your current windows have locks on them?  Are you able to easily add bars that would further deter opportunistic break-ins?  Many homeowners choose cheaper options for their garage exteriors, but that’s a mistake that could cost you. 

Allow us to take a look at your current doors and windows before making any suggestions for upgrades and/or repairs.  We’ll be happy to recommend solutions that will lock and stay secure throughout this summer.  At Schaefer Exteriors, we’ve worked on countless detached garages over the years, outfitting everything from matching siding to garage doors.  We’ve even seen, firsthand, how electrical elements that could compromise your home security.

Not-So-Automatic Garage Doors

Installing a garage door with automatic mechanisms is a popular choice these days.  Not only does it make it easier for you to come and go, but also it prevents people from accessing what’s inside without the correct remote.  Right?  Unfortunately, intruders have taken advantage of this technology with universal remotes and/or manual overrides.  In fact, if they can fit a wire hanger in between your garage door and driveway, then they may be able to gain access to everything inside.  So, how do you prevent this, as a homeowner?

We recommend securing your garage door to prevent loose seals and faulty mechanisms.  Whether you simply update the automatic features, or install an entirely new garage door, you should consider further monitoring services to ensure your home security.  Now, they offer sensors that will alert you remotely any time your door opens or closes.  Just sync this service with your phone, laptop, or tablet and you’ll know almost immediately if someone’s trying to gain access to your detached garage.

Be a Good Neighbor

Now that you know what to look out for in your own garage, be a good neighbor and share this information with others in your community!  Even the best technology in the world isn’t a replacement for basic human observation.  Especially since it’s not possible for you to be home all the time.  If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, encourage them to stay vigilant this summer.  When it comes to their own detached garages and yours!  You can all form a Neighborhood Watch of sorts and watch out for one another.  If any of your neighbors need help upgrading their garage doors and exterior security, we’re here to help them, too!

Although home security isn’t our specialty, home exteriors are!  Your doors, windows, and siding are part of the first line of defense against intruders.  Any potential weaknesses could provide access to opportunists targeting detached garages in your area.  Call Schaefer Exterior to secure yours this summer.   


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