Garage Door Maintenance Tips

garage door maintenance tips

A garage door can last you a long time if you maintain it correctly.

Quick! What’s the heaviest motorized object in your house? The car doesn’t count because it’s not in your house (and if it is you need to stop reading this and deal with that issue). If you guessed the garage door, congratulations! While the hindsight bias makes that feel like the obvious answer, most people don’t realize what a large piece of equipment a garage door actually is and how to properly take care of it.

Check the Rollers

Rollers are prone to chipping, bending, wearing and cracking. All of these will hinder the movement of your door and could cause larger issues if one stops working entirely. Fixing rollers can be tricky, so consult with a professional before trying it on your own.

Replace the Weatherstripping

Good weatherstripping will keep you dry and warm all winter; damaged weather stripping will let water in and heat out. Replacing the weather stripping is as simple as pulling the old out of the track and sliding the new in.

Lube and Check Moving Parts

There are a surprising number of moving parts in a garage door. When your garage door is installed check with the installation company for what parts need lubrication and how often. This simple procedure could add years to your garage door and only takes a few minutes.   

Replace It

When all else fails, you might just have to replace that garage door. Look at it as an opportunity to find a garage door that fits your new siding better, or a great way to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

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