Bolster Your Garage Door’s Energy Efficiency

garage door energy efficiency

If you plan on spending any time in your garage this winter you should up your garage door’s energy efficiency.

If you read our blog from a few weeks back and decided it’s time for a new garage door you are probably concerned about energy efficiency, especially if your garage doubles as your workshop or hang out space. How is a garage door energy efficient, and how can you increase the efficiency of a regular garage door? We have a few tips on what to look for in a new garage door, and how to increase the energy efficiency of your existing garage door.   

New, Efficient Doors

If you heat your garage and use it as a livable space, you’ll want to make sure your garage door is as energy efficient as possible. Most manufacturers advertise the R-value of their doors and, obviously, the higher the value the better since this is the rating system used to determine an insulating material’s ability to resist heat flow. Clopay garage doors boast an R-value of up to 20.4, which leads the industry. In addition to R-value you should look at leakiness. Ask how the insulation joins at the seams, and what is used to seal the seams around the edges.

Making Older Door Efficient

The best ways to make an older garage door energy efficient is to seal the seams of the door and install insulation. Weather stripping along the bottom of your door will help seal the largest seam, and a strip on the door leading into the house will help keep the heat inside your house from escaping while you aren’t heating the garage. An insulation kit for garage doors will usually include complete panels of insulation that need to be cut to fit your door, and an adhesive to attach it. Insulating your garage door will greatly increase it’s R-value. Once your garage door is doing its part, find out how to upgrade the efficiency of the rest of your home.

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