Powerful weather events can damage your roof

Checking Your Roof for Storm Damage

The most obvious causes of wind damage are extreme events such as hurricanes and tornadoes. In the event of a tornado, a burst of wind forming in a straight line could compromise the integrity of your roof. In hurricane conditions, destruction from wind includes damage that is caused by debris blowing around and landing on your roof. If you experience a hailstorm with hail larger than 1 inch in size, the risk of roof damage is real (Source: Eagle Watch Roofing).

Following a storm, check your roof for signs of damage by considering the following:

  • What can you see while standing in your yard?

    Perhaps you notice your shingles are missing or have blown to the ground. If you have a chimney or valleys on your roof, look for metal flashings that may have started to peel or are completely detached. Other areas of concern include the condition of your vents, exhausts, and pipes.

  • Is there any noticeable damage inside of your home?

    If you suspect that your roof was damaged in a recent storm, it is advisable that you carefully examine your attic for leaks. Another telltale sign of a problem would be water stains on your ceiling or walls inside your home.

  • Was there hail?

    If you notice that a recent storm included hail falling from the sky, carefully examine your roofing shingles for dents and other imperfections. It is also possible for pieces of roofing material to be torn or broken.

  • Be safe.

    Anytime you climb a ladder to access your roof, there is an element of danger. Be sure to avoid walking on your roof if it is wet, has algae growth, or is visibly damaged. It is important that you consider your own safety and leave dangerous inspections to your team of trusted professionals at Schaefer Exteriors.

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