Popular Color Palettes in Exterior Home Design

Whether you’re getting ready to put your house on the market or simply looking for a fresh new look, color palettes are a key aspect of exterior home renovation. A new coat of paint can work wonders, and it;’s important to choose colors that compliment one another well and will remain timeless as the years pass. Here are some common color palette trends in exterior home design right now.

New Neutrals

Bright colors are out and neutral tones are in– but that doesn’t mean your home will look boring. Grays, whites, and gentle blacks are growing in popularity, from siding to roofing to trim, and pair well with any splashes of color you choose to add later. You’re much more likely to grow sick of an overly concentrated tone of paint, but neutral colors carry a certain aesthetic peace and tranquility without overwhelming the eye. If you’re looking for a little more pop, try a dark navy or a blue-tinged shade of gray. Conversely, bring out the blues hidden in neutral tones by using these colors on your shutters or roofing.

Gray Is The New Black

Why are modern homeowners leaning more toward shades of gray? We’ve talked about the benefits of neutrality, but grays possess an additional versatility that appeals to many. Lighter shades create a warmer tone, while darker ones carry a bit more tranquility and depth. You can offset or increase the effect with white trim and easily find matching roofing materials. Another aspect is the popularity of stone veneer, which most commonly comes in shades of gray and can transform any home into a rustic getaway or modern masterpiece. In short, gray is the perfect compromise between black and white, allowing each homeowner full control over their home’s greater aesthetic without leaning too far in one particular direction.

White Trim

The color you choose to paint your trim will largely depend on your siding and roofing palettes, but a spectrum of white tones is rising in popularity. Creams, off-whites, ivories, and more give homes a sleek, modern look and compliment whatever color palette you’ve already chosen. White trim is also especially effective at making architectural features stand out, highlighting the best details of your home’s exterior. When it comes to home exteriors, white trim is the icing on the cake.

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