Tips for Displaying the American Flag Year-round

The American flag is the perfect finishing touch for any outdoor décor.  However, this patriotic decoration comes with its own unique set of etiquette.  Do you know how to display our flag with another?  Or when to move it to… Read More

Make Your Home Stand Out This Fall

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Custom Window Shapes and Styles:  What You Should Know

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Shutter Style:  How to Add Character to Your Home

Shutters are one of those features that are on virtually every home, but few people stop to think about. Exterior color?  Of course.  Type of siding?  Naturally. Style of architecture?  Can’t overlook that!  But, the right shutter can offset all of these… Read More

Protecting Your Home During a Thunderstorm

With a wetter-than-average summer, we had a number of serious storms sweep through Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  While it’s hard to tell who got the worst of it, forecasts promise more of the same in coming weeks. … Read More

End-of-Summer Maintenance Tips

With August’s arrival, summer is on its way out!  That means it’s time to give your home a little TLC in preparation for fall. Extreme heat, winds, and rain take their toll on any exterior, but there are a few areas… Read More

Show Some Color—With Your Home’s Exterior

When it comes to paint colors inside your home, you let your imagination run wild—but on the exterior you hesitate.  Not only is a big change, but it’s also much more visible.  Depending on your HOA, it might not even… Read More

Choosing the Right Window Frames

Last month we talked about how to choose the right glass for your windows, but today we’re going to get into the frame.  This piece outlines your window, contributes to your overall design, and ultimately helps with the energy efficiency… Read More

Energy Tax Credits: What You Should Know

Depending on the age of your home, deciding to make it more energy efficient can be a big undertaking. To help offset some of the costs (and reward you for making an environmentally-friendly decision), the federal government offers energy tax credits… Read More

Show your Patriotic Side with Outdoor Decorations

    Celebrating America’s Independence Day usually involves patterns of red, white, and blue everywhere! With your clothes, with your flags, and with your outdoor spaces—you can show your patriotism in a number of ways. Try these decorating tips that you can… Read More