Show your Patriotic Side with Outdoor Decorations

    Celebrating America’s Independence Day usually involves patterns of red, white, and blue everywhere! With your clothes, with your flags, and with your outdoor spaces—you can show your patriotism in a number of ways. Try these decorating tips that you can… Read More

Choosing the Right Glass for Your Windows

When your home’s windows just aren’t doing their job anymore, it’s time to consider what you really want in a replacement.  While you ordinarily wouldn’t spend that much time contemplating glass, it can be a big investment in your real… Read More

Adding a Garage:  Is it Worth it?

Certain home improvements are better from an investment standpoint than others.  When it comes to garages, adding one is typically less expensive than other large projects.   Plus, it can make a property lacking in storage and parking space more desirable. … Read More

Is My Siding Waterproof?

Amidst all the rain we’ve had recently in Maryland, many homeowners are asking themselves this question. Today, we’re going to focus on vinyl siding, which is a waterproof material—when installed correctly.  There are also a few other precautions you (and your… Read More

The Benefits of Natural Stone

As one of the earliest and sturdiest building blocks, stone has a timeless finish that upgrades virtually any home.  While many people choose to use this material to add luxury inside specific rooms, like the bathroom and/or kitchen, its versatility… Read More

Matching Existing Siding Step by Step

If you like your home the way it is, we can’t say we blame you!  Curb appeal and low maintenance are two key factors that attract buyers (and preserve your resale value.)  However, if you’ve lived there for a while,… Read More

The Pros and Cons of Copper Roofing

Long before asphalt shingles became popular, other roofing materials dominated the industry. Dating back to Roman times, copper roofs have graced some of the most distinguished works of architecture around the world.  This metal has many positive qualities that (literally)… Read More

How to Look for Air Leaks throughout your Home

With all of the spring rainfall we’ve recently had, everyone’s had an eye open for leaks. While unwanted moisture can be a big problem, so can air leaks—and they’re often more difficult to spot. Air leaks are the places in your home… Read More

Defensive Landscaping:  How to Protect your Home’s Exterior

While it may not look like much right now, soon your landscape will come back to life.  Before that happens, you’ll want to ensure that everything’s in place—not just for looks, but also for protection.  Using trees, shrubs, and plants… Read More

Sustainability and Siding:  Going Green at Home

Going green is at the top of everyone’s list these days, and as a homeowner, you’re in a good position to do your part.  When updating your siding, there are many things you can do to improve your energy efficiency… Read More