Increase the visual appeal of your home with these siding trends

Accent Details – Vertical Design

The benefit of vinyl siding includes the fact that you can choose from a list of textures, color and styles. Not to mention it won’t break the bank, does not require much maintenance other than a power washing every few years, and can be customized to meet your design goals. Most siding is hung horizontally, though recently designers have suggested flexibility and versatility with this standard. Using vertically-hung accents of vinyl siding is a way to make your home appear modern without a high price tag. Typically these accents are placed under the roofline, near a door, or surrounding window panes.

Adding Contrast

As the saying goes, predict the unpredictable. Current home stylings include colors you might not expect in siding. As of recently, dark siding with very light-colored accents have increased in popularity. If you choose a light or neutral color siding, which is also common, modern styles suggest you accent with black window frames and accent. This creates a perception of depth and drama. While we recommend considering darker siding colors with texture and color contrast, it is also advised that you stay within one color family.

Most Popular Colors

It’s much easier to change your siding than it is to remove brick. There’s also a greater variety of colors and formats in this product. As previously mentioned, darker color siding is becoming increasingly popular for home exterior renovations and new builds.  It’s true that it grabs your eye and enables homeowners to jazz up their lighting selections, while adding accents that play on their unique design appeal. In case you were wondering, the most popular color choices for siding this year are blue, dark gray, cobalt, natural wood, charcoal, and the classic white (Source: Forbes). 

Mix It Up

You will also find that fellow consumers are choosing to mix things up a bit in terms of siding style and size. It can be quite surprising to see the unique combinations in new homes and those being given a new life with a siding facelift. When combining different siding formats, it shines a light on various areas of your home. So go ahead, mix and match your siding in your project and be on trend.

In & Out

Thanks to Joanna Gaines, the farmhouse style has gained popularity in recent years. In this format, it is common to extend the outdoor contrast design to the interior of your home. Along with your new siding, you may choose to add cladding by your entryway. It will make your exterior and interior design more modern and design friendly. While you’re at it, go for oversized siding panels (Source: Magnolia).

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