How To Take Care of Your Roof This Summer

Another summer, another season of home maintenance– a homeowner’s pride or scourge, depending on your affinity for the chore. The hottest months of the year bring thunderstorms, heavy rain, sweltering heat, and high winds, but we have some tips to keep you on track and ready for it all.

Check Your Gutters

Seven long months of wintry weather have likely left your gutters worse for wear, so make sure you inspect them now and after any heavy storms that pass through. High winds and rain can carry a lot of debris onto your roof and cause damage to your gutters, so make sure to check for any loose connections or missing sections.

Pay Attention to the Trees

Keep up with the trimming and inspect all trees close to your home for dead wood. Consult a tree removal company if you’re unsure whether anything needs to come down, and make sure all heavy tree limbs extend no closer than 10-15 feet to your home. Too much rain and high winds can loosen tree roots and cause dead branches to break, running the risk of having them come crashing down.

Keep An Eye on Your Attic

Intense heat will hit your attic harder than almost anywhere else in your home due to the cramped, low-ventilation space. Heat from the sun beating down on your roof will transfer to your attic and remain trapped there, drastically raising the temperature and causing potential damage in turn. It’s important to keep your attic insulated against moisture and drastic temperatures to preserve the quality of your roof.

Watch Out for Mold Growth

Mold likes to grow in warm, dark, damp areas, but it won’t pop up if one or more of these characteristics are missing. Keep an eye out for leaks and water damage and make a habit of inspecting your property for mold growth, especially your attic and roof. When left to grow, mold can weaken the structural integrity of your roof and cause even more damage.

Have Your Roof Inspected

It’s crucial to regularly inspect your property for damage, but if you notice an issue that’s a bit beyond your comfort zone, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. Trying to DIY roof repair can cause more harm than good, and the integrity of the shelter your entire household depends on is not an area for compromise. Schedule a roof inspection to check for and properly replace any loose shingles, assess potential damage, and provide advice on next steps. If you’re ready to do so, we’re the company for you!

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